Damn pickles.

Bungie and Activision recently revealed a bit of Destiny 2 gameplay through a live event.  Here's why I felt underwhelmed by this reveal using a simple analogy:

Burger King is about to unveil the hypothetical  "Whopper 2.0".  As a hypothetical fan of the original Whopper I am anxiously antipiciapting a special live internet event that will show the actual Whopper 2.0, giving burger-lovers everywhere a preview of what it looks like.  The event begins and I am tuned in on my phone.  After a brief introduction, the new burger is revealed to the world.  I am immediately perturbed by the familiarity of it.  The ingredients look identical, albeit bigger and fresher-looking.  The narrator begins to read off some of what's new: the beef is better, the tomato is better, the bun is better, and the lettuce is better.  The event ends and I am left wondering, are there any major differences between the OG Whopper and Whopper 2.0?  How are the ingredients better?  What about the pickles?  Have they improved the pickles?  With so much anticipation leading up to this event, why didn't they show me what's up with the pickles?

I will definitely fork out the $7 to try one when it comes out.   I just hope during the beta I get my answers about the damn pickles.

GamesHerbert Urban