The Silent Threat

With recent suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I felt the urge to write something about it.  But I found myself - yet again - struggling to find the words.  What can I say about it that hasn’t been said already?  What fresh perspective can I offer?  I now realize, it isn’t about my own self-serving need to say something new and unique, but about how necessary it is to continue the dialogue.

I just want to speak to those who are, relatively speaking, okay.  Please pay attention to your loved ones.  Look for clues like sudden changes in behavior that feels unusual to you.  Look for drinking that is slowly becoming less social.  Look for signs of declining social interactions and breaks in routines.  Most importantly, be an active listener to your loved ones.  That means, put your damn phones down, make eye contact, and listen to the words.  I hope you care enough to try.  Please.

R.I.P. Chester and Chris...